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2012 - current

My production, advising, and management experiences go beyond artistic and commercial endeavors. As a college professor leading research projects and teaching large classes in performance, game design, writing, and research, I have an impressive background in supporting individual and collective projects, departmental committees, and instructional teams. Among many, I can include:

  • Evaluating the merits in proposals to the Independent Project Committee at Indiana University

  • Setting up the annual schedule and allocate budget

  • Advising Master's of Fine Arts and independent projects on decolonial art making practices; setting the deadlines and working through a scrum format

  • Serving on the Advisory Council for the international, DEI-oriented organization, Polycultural Institute

  • Leading a team of instructors and preparing the training materials for an interdepartmental course at Bowling Green State University

  • Managing teams of aspiring game developers in an educational setting at UC Santa Cruz designing the delivery timeline and evaluating the quick prototyping process

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