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Global (re)Entry (2022)

  • Used Kanban to Manage a team of artists, musicians, and programmers, supported cross-team collaboration and communication.

  • Conducted exploratory UX research on persuasive games and border technology.

  • Designed the gameplay, content, and narrative; completed the UX writing components.

  • Secured grants to complete the production cycle.

  • Ran usability tests and survey analysis to validate game, narrative, and content designs.

  • Produced and shipped the final games, “Global (re)Entry” and “Celestial Borders,” for Windows on

A feedback and troubleshooting session with the team working on an early prototype.

Maddy Grass Doss (sound artist) preparing her foley setup for creating the background music

Concepts and sketches by our artist, Fion Kwok

A player testing an early demo during a game jam session

The walkthrough video of the 1.0 build

Associate Producer, Ludo Lab (2020 - 2022)

• Conducted UX research on Roblox Education design using competitive analysis, search term analysis, and interviews.
• Managed and led agile production process for designing a Roblox education project with a team of designers/programmers.


You Got Older (2018)

  • Setting and finetuning the creative goals for the production.

  • Supporting the ensemble with research materials and insights.

  • Engaging in cross-team collaboration with the director and designers to determine the creative vision.

  • Co-writing the production copy for the audience.

  • Co-launching the production for the local community.

Sleeper 2.jpg

The Sleeper (2018)

  • Designing and supporting a production process focused on racial justice.

  • Supporting the company with research and artistic data.

  • Collaborating with the director to set the aesthetics based on the budget and other production logistics.

  • Co-launching the production for open viewing for the entire community.


The Lonesome West (2014)

  • Designing, directing, and producing the performance.

  • Managing a team of more than nine artists; setting the budget; determining location needs; scheduling deliverables and rehearsals.

  • Collaborating with design teams to determine the looks and functions of the performance.

  • Launching the production and receiving honors from the jury committee.

Academic Advising and Management (2012 - current)

My production, advising, and management experiences go beyond artistic and commercial endeavors. As a college professor leading research projects and teaching large classes in performance, game design, writing, and research, I have an impressive background in supporting individual and collective projects, departmental committees, and instructional teams. Among many, I can include:

  • Evaluating the feasibility and value of proposals to the Independent Project Committee at Indiana University;

  • Setting up the annual schedule and allocate budget;

  • Advising Master's of Fine Arts and independent projects on decolonial art making practices; setting the deadlines and working through a scrum format;

  • Serving on the Advisory Council for the international, DEI-oriented organization, Polycultural Institute;

  • Leading a team of instructors and preparing the training materials for an interdepartmental course at Bowling Green State University;

  • Managing teams of aspiring game developers in an educational setting at UC Santa Cruz; designing the delivery timeline and evaluating the quick prototyping process

Examples of students' and advisees' work

MFA Advisee Lexi Silva in her thesis production, Decolonizing Your Mind with Walter Mercado (2023)

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