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Origin Studio, Communications Specialist, Sacramento, CA                                                                  2023-present

  • Reviewing company-wide multimedia content & PR; supervising communication channels between the entire staff.

  • Supporting multiple marketing campaigns in Meta Business Suite and direct email; using marketing data to recommend SEO strategies.

  • Auditing the website against usability heuristics; improving the information architecture by running UX tests and implementing solutions.

Babel Organization, Development Strategist, Boston, MA                                                                                   2023

  • Consulted with the CEO & other stakeholders for mission statement design and strategic planning for a global network of BIPOC scholars & artists working on racial and gender equity.

  • Researched & managed a portfolio of individual donors and grant funds; supported budget design and maintenance for launching new creative plans.

  • Worked collaboratively with the web designers and marketing team to improve the online user experience, including the information architecture and microcopy.

The Polycultural Institute, Advisory Council, Chicago, IL                                                                           2020-2023

  • Collaborated with other council members to drive the organizational goals and programs centered around transnational coalitions and academic workshops in the Global South.

  • Shared strategic and creative inputs with the leadership for producing research and programs empowering diverse communities.

  • Contributed critical/creative content to increase BIPOC representations in digital arts.

Journal of American Drama and Theatre, Editorial Board                                                                                   2023

  • Reviewed multiple article submissions to assess their merit for publication in the top-tier journal.

  • Supported multiple writers with critical and editorial feedback.

Indiana University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bloomington, IN                                                               2022-2023

  • Served on the Curriculum committee to incorporate inclusive strategies in department-wide course design practices; benchmarked the current curriculum against DEIA values.

  • Acted as a member of the Independent Projects committee to evaluate applications for merit; co-designed the annual schedule & budget to execute the projects.

  • Chaired a graduate thesis project on decoloniality and gender; supervised four teams of researchers & designers to complete simultaneous projects; presented workshops on research methodologies, grant writing & academic publication.

  • Taught undergraduate & graduate courses on critical surveillance studies, feminism of color, and decolonial histories to more than 150 students.

Ludo Lab Center for Games, Product Manager & Art Director, Santa Cruz, CA                                          2020-2022

  • Led the entire production & art direction for a virtual classroom project in Roblox; supervised the design & programming staff; designed the quarterly schedule to meet the deadlines.

  • Designed the syllabus and learning outcomes to meet curriculum goals; added strategic framework to incorporate the principles of equity and diversity into the project; created the artistic vision based on the studio’s priorities and students’ needs.

  • Successfully finished the project on time and within the initial budget.

UC Santa Cruz, Product Manager & Art Director, Santa Cruz, CA                                                              2020-2022

  • Designed a long-term digital project about racial discrimination at US borders; recruited designers & programmers to produce the project; used Agile to manage the production; supported cross-team collaboration between area heads; designed & managed the budget.

  • Served on the Dean’s Graduate Studies Task Force to advocate for student employees’ right to healthy work conditions & a livable income.

  • Taught courses on antiracism & literacy, decolonial history of games, and interactive storytelling; presented workshops on research methods & thesis/grant writing.

  • Managed the 3D pipeline for +30 designers.

  • Acted as the affiliated faculty with the Center for the Middle East and North Africa.

Silk Road Rising, Production Consultant, Chicago, IL                                                                                         2020

  • Provided the leadership with strategic solutions to managing the end-of-the-year donors' salon event.

  • Supported the creative team with production insights and scheduling techniques.

Bowling Green State University, Course Coordinator & Art Director                                                           2016-2020

  • Supervised a team of five instructors to maintain content consistency across student experiences; designed the schedule & learning outcomes to emphasize active learning.

  • Led and supported the production of five live & media projects involving teams of +15.

  • Served on the Season Selection Committee to review applications and award a production spot to various teams.

American Society for Theatre Research, Web Resources Committee Co-chair                                              2018-2019

  • Co-led the committee for producing accessible online content for thousands of members.

  • Supported the leadership in launching the annual conference.

University of Tehran, Art DirectorCourse Coordinator & Art Director                                                        2009-2014

  • Led the design & production of three social justice art events.

  • Managed the budget for an experimental art festival.

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