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Situation: A board game about passing borders in an airport needs clear tutorial instructions to teach the players what to do and when.


  1. Write a user guide (to be included in the box) that is clear and detailed

  2. Write the copy for the playing cards. The copy should start with a branded creative note and end with a simple instruction


  1. Collaborated with a creative director and UX designer to determine the aesthetics and core mechanics of the game.

  2. Conducted competitive analysis to identify industry standards and find opportunities for improving the copy.

  3. Drafted the user manual and the copy for the playing cards.

  4. Validated the design by focus group observation and individual usability testing.


  • Created a user guide from scratch that effectively guided the players from start to finish

  • Accomplished balancing the creative and clarity goal in card copies

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Boat Negative.jpg
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Prototype 2 - Rull set_Page_1.jpg
Prototype 2 - Rull set_Page_3.jpg
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