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Situation: A video game development team wants to make sure the game tutorial is effectively teaching the players how to complete the tasks. The catch is that the introductory text should mimic a "boring" state agency language while the copy that comes later can be slightly humorous.


  1. Write a segmented long copy that adheres to the "government" style guide.

  2. Test and redesign the tutorial section to make sure players know what to do.

  3. Write a final message for redesigning the logo while making a light reference to the creative. narrative about the "cosmic" themes and "insurgency."


  1. Ran competitive research on state organizations to identify the commonly used style.

  2. Drafted the copy after sharing the data with stakeholders and getting feedback.

  3. Conducted usability testing to measure the efficacy of the incorporated changes.

  4. Collaborated with the IU and UX designer to implement visual components that would emphasize the writing.


  • Improved user experience by replacing the vague instructions with clear text that guides the player every step of the way.

  • Increased the download numbers by 40% in less than 30 days on itch.


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